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Klein (Plato and a Platypus Walk into a Bar, 2008, among others) returned to the Greek island of Hydra at age 73. His return had a new and specific purpose: "I want to figure out the most satisfying way to live this stage of my life." Prior experience with the island led to conclude that the "old folks of Hydra have always struck me as uncommonly content with their stage in life."




Daniel Klein: 'Travels With Epicurus' Explores The Best Path To A Fulfilled Old Age -

In his early 70s, author Daniel Klein saw his peers taking up jogging, studying new languages and wearing hormone patches to charge their libidos. Klein already harbored a few misgivings about the frantic striving of the "new old age" when a trip to the dentist prompted an epiphany.
"He said I had to get these implants over the course of a year [or] I would look older with denture plates …and my teeth would pop out once in a while," Klein recalled. "And I thought, 'what do I care if have a goofy old man smile? I am an old man!'"
Klein returned to the Greek village and philosophers he has visited for decades to discover authentic ways of aging. In his funny and wry account, "Travels with Epicurus: A Journey to a Greek Island in Search of a Fulfilled Life," he concludes that old age is a privilege to be savored, rather than a disease to be cured or a condition to be denied. Read More

"The 'New' Old Age Is No Way to Live" -

Here I am in my mid-70s, and I am wondering: Is now the time to take a final stab at unfinished business—to accomplish at long last the remaining goals on my lifetime to-do list? Or is now the time to step back, let go of my ambitions, reflect and just live?
It is not an easy choice, especially in light of the prevailing ethos of the "New Old Age." Because medicine is allowing us to live longer than ever before and because the people turning 65 belong to that famously aspiring and adventurous group known as baby boomers, old age is now widely seen as an opportunity for more busyness—lots more. Read More

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